Thursday, February 09, 2006

The Grammy Fashion Review by Moi

Because I am such a fashion maven!! Yeah, right.......(sarcasm ahead) know you are getting old when you only know the music of about 1/2 the people on the show. I can recognize them by sight but not their music.

We only got through the first half before it was my bedtime.

Who was doing the sound/mixing board? It was horrible!!!! Either you couldn't hear the people singing/talking or they were really out of tune.

Madonna: Loved you in the 80's and look great for a women pushing 50 but do I really need to see your camel toe in lavendar???

Mariah: Never liked you and and for the love of God, could someone in her entourage tell her to pull the puppies up and to quit dressing like you did when you were and ingenue at 20? She looks great but her fashion choices make me wonder. Of course as Trinny & Suzannah always say, "Women often pick the decade in which they felt most sexy and keep dressing like that FOREVER!" See? Mariah is still stuck in her 20's.

Sly Stone: Gotta love a 62 year old guy in a blond mohawk & spangly outfit.

Steven Tyler: What is with the scarf on the mike stand???

U2: We were watching them when David commented on the amount of noise 4 guys can make. Um??? Did I see them in concert with you? Yes, I did. See....the memory is already going.

Mary Blige: What was with the German Fraulin hair? Was it me or the mixing board that made her sound horribly out of tune with Bono?

Sierra?? (don't know her name) But you all know who I am talking about because if her dress had been any shorter during the Sly montage we were all going to know if she had a Brazilian.

Rap & Hip Hop in General: I am WAAAAYYYYY too old cuz I just don't get it.

Terri Hatcher: Damn...did that woman look good. I mean, the boy shorts under her dress covered enough that she really didn't look trashy in that see through dress. A thong would have changed the whole look...more trash than treasure.

Keith Urban & Faith Hill: Loved Faith's pants and Keith is just nice to look at but......who was doing the sound??? They both sounded awful...

I am done now since this is the point where I went to bed. Please feel free to add your fashion reviews about the rest of the show in the comment section!!!


Heather said...

I can't wait to see what is going to come up on the Go Fug Yourself blog.

JerseyGirl said...

I missed the grammys last night; I'll have to review pictures online and get back to you. Steven Tyler has always tied scarves around his mic when he performs. It's his thing I guess. I'm not really an aerosmith fan but he has the scarves on his mic in all their videos.

That camel toe comment was gold. :)

Christina said...

Mariah just scares me lately. She'd look 100% better if she started wearing clothing that fit her, instead of things in the size she fit into 3 years ago. And a bit more age appropriate wouldn't hurt.

Take a few lessons from Madonna - change the look every once in awhile.

Catherine Kerth said...

lol! you crack me up woman! you just about mentioned everything i thought when i was watching :) of course dh and i changed it to LOST at 8.... can't miss it!

Ashley said...

Oh - you crack me up!! I love the Madonna comments. As much as I love her and as hard as her body is, she to switch from the 12-year old at a dance recital in 1976 look.

And Mariah: she's turned all skanky on us. I can't even look at her cheezy lip-glob, I mean, glossed smile. Sad sad sad.