Wednesday, February 22, 2006

It's Tuesday Again

Another good night at knitting. Here is Pam's first hat and the respective parts of the new hat for her Aunt on top. Notice she is also wearing her wrist warmers and a crocheted scarf in a lovely reddish color.
That is Eva working on her Olympic hat, Jessica to the left and Heather's child sweater in the middle surrounded by her sock yarn.
Here is Kiki's gift from Steve. It is so cool and is lined with some of her hand made paper. Illanna was working on some Kool Aid Dyed socks last night. They were going really quickly!!!
And the Jaywalker socks. Here they are as I turn the heel. I really like this heel as it seems very firm.
And, a close up of the heel.
I have knit a couple of rounds this morning and it is looking pretty good but I am hoping the plain knitting on the bottom kind of tightens up the foot part or the sock might be too big.


Heather said...

I love your socks. I brought mine to work today. Shhh....

Katie said...

I really like you socks.

Catherine Kerth said...

oh that knitpicks prarie colorway knits up perfect for the jaywalkers! very pretty :) i liked those wrist warmers that she was wearing!