Thursday, February 02, 2006

Cherry Leaf Scarf

I found this pattern when was at Kidsknits buying Dale of Norway Stork sock yarn. I knew I loved the yarn when I bought it at Fiber Factory and didn't realize it was Dale until I was sending money with Nancy to pick me up a skein on Tuesday. Anyway, FF didn't have it so I ordered it online and found this pattern.

It is the Cherry Leaf Scarf Pattern. I have a friend whose Mom has throat cancer so.....this looked like a good pattern to adapt to a shawl.

This is how my version looked beofore I ripped it out for the second time.
And a close up. It is the fire sale Oasis from SWTC. I see that Pam dyed hers with kool aid so.....since it is off the needles again, I am going to dye 2-3 skeins of this a deep, deep red/burgundy to overdye the colors here. I don't mind if it is varigated a bit with different levels of red's.

In other news Sauniell over at Saunshine blog got a pattern published in Mag Knits online magazine!!! How cool is that?? Congratulations.


Catherine Kerth said...

i love that scarf! and the sushi pattern is really neat ;) are you going to make some preemie stuff to enter the contest?

Saun said...

Thanks Sarah!

I can't wait to see the dye job when it's finished.

eva said...

Gorgeous! Of course now I'm jonesin' for some of the Tiur yarn. Mmmmmm!